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Plot Spectra as Stacked Color Plot

In scanning probe spectroscopy the spectra are often recorded in several steps along a straight line. This may reveal a lateral variation of spectral features. To visualize this evolution, it is helpful to plot the spectral intensity as color scale plot.

Do create such a plot you have to select multiple spectroscopy files in the data browser. Afterwards select the visualization tool from the menu bar on top of the file list:

The visualization tool opens:

On the right hand side you can change the plotted value range and the color scheme used. First of all you will have to select the data to be plotted. Please note, that the values used for the x-axis must be strictly monotonic. Otherwise plotting will not be possible. If your spectra contain flat regions in the x-axis, e.g. because the spectra was paused during an initial settling time, use the crop tool to cut out a part, which is strictly monotonic.

Sometimes the data has a wrong order. This can be fixed in the bottom right table.

If you click on the filename-column the data will be ordered by the filename automatically. You can also manually order the list with the buttons next to the list.

  • u shifts the selected entry one row upwards
  • d shifts the selected entry one row downwards
  • t shifts the selected entry to the top of the list
  • b shifts the selected entry to the bottom of the list

If the order is correct, just confirm the change with the ok-button.

For another type of color plot visualization of spectroscopy data please have a look at the spectral intensity map plotter, which plots the spectral intensity of spectra on top of a topography image.

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