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Spectral Python 0.17

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@tboggs tboggs released this
· 120 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Functions map_class_ids and map_classes were added for mapping class
    indices between images.
  • view_nd now accepts custom axis labels.
  • ImageArray and SpyFile have asarray method that provides numpy
    array interface.


  • ENVI header parameter names are case insensitive (converted to lower-case
    after being read).
  • ImageArray objects have additional SpyFile methods/attributes and
    indexing behavior is now like SpyFile's.
  • An exception is now raised when attempting to open or save an image in
    ENVI format with nonzero major or minor frame offsets (see issue #35).

Bug Fixes

  • [Issue #27] ImageView.str failed if image did not have "bands" in