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Updating Shell-UI on pre 3.x Spectrecoin Raspbian image

This article describes how to update the Shell-UI on Spectrecoin Raspbian images older than Spectrecoin release 3.x. In these versions the Shell-UI was installed directly without an easy option to update.

Update the system at all

At first update the whole system. This might take a while depending on your internet connection and how many packages needs to be updated:

$ sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Switch to Git version of Shell-UI

Now switch the shell-ui to the direct Git version. The Spectrecoin wallet itself is not touched in these steps, only the Shell-UI will be replaced with the Git version. The following snippet performs these steps:

  • Determine name of Shell-UI installation folder, as there was a change during development.
  • Create backup of the existing installation
  • Install Git
  • Clone Shell-UI Git repository
  • Create alias update-ui for easy update of the Shell-UI itself

On the following lines the $ marks the command prompt. Everything after this character must be entered on exactly one line and executed this way. So there are 6 commands to execute:

$ cd ~
$ ui_folder=$(find ~/ -name "spectrecoin*-ui" -type d | cut -d "/" -f4)
$ mv ${ui_folder} ${ui_folder}_
$ sudo apt-get install -y git
$ git clone ${ui_folder}
$ echo "alias update-ui='cd ~/${ui_folder} ; git reset --hard HEAD ; git pull ; cd -'" >> ~/.bash_aliases

Further Shell-UI updates

After the next login you can update the Shell-UI itself anytime with the following cmd:

$ update-ui

Further system updates

The Shell-UI itself is able to update the Spectrecoin binaries together with the system at all. To do so, go to Advanced > Update. After this choose the left entry to update to the current release version.

Happy staking,

The Spectrecoin Team

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