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By downloading and using this software, you agree that 1/6 of the staking rewards are contributed to a development fund. The development fund aims to support the long term development and value of Spectrecoin. The fund is managed by the Spectrecoin core team.

This is a major release and a MANDATORY update to the Spectrecoin software! This update involves consensus changes (details below) and you MUST update your wallet software before:

21/08/2018 (21th August 2018) @ 2200 hours (GMT)

If you do not update your wallet software you will no longer be able to connect to the Spectrecoin network and you will no longer be able to conduct transactions on the network and you will no longer be able to deposit or withdraw your funds (XSPEC) from the exchanges.

Development Contribution Blocks (DCB)

After 21/08/2018 @ 2200 hours (GMT) one in six (1 in 6) block rewards will be designated DCBs and will be sent to the Spectrecoin team development fund wallet. This fund will ensure a future for Spectrecoin and will enable us to pay for certain services and to hire contractors and to pay Spectrecoin core team members in XSPEC to enable them to work full time on the project. We have some long term projects and concepts to implement such as a new proof-of-stake algorithm we call Proof-of-Stealth to enable so called "stealth staking". These developments depend on a source of steady funding. We believe this will give us the opportunity to produce better software and will create value for investors. We currently have some very skilled developers working for us and we want to keep it that way.

Replay Protection

We have implemented a check for DCBs and we have implemented a replay protection mechanism. This means that after 21/08/2018 @ 2200 hours (GMT) any wallets not updated will not be able to create transactions on the Spectrecoin V2 network.



  • Tor is now integrated as a separate process. This provides the same level of privacy but enables Spectrecoin to always use the latest version of TOR and to use the TOR plugins / bridges more effectively. Note: Linux users must install tor and obfs4proxy (if required) separately using their package manager.
  • #7 For MacOS and Windows, a separate OBFS4 release is now available with preconfigured OBFS4 bridges. Note that the only difference between the OBFS4 release and the standard release is the file torrc-defaults in the tor subfolder which configures OBFS4.


  • Change BIP44 ID from 35 (shadowcash) to 213 (spectrecoin). See https://github.com/satoshilabs/slips/blob/master/slip-0044.md.
    Attention: Mnemonic seed words used for sub-wallet creation pre 2.0.7 will not work post 2.0.7.
  • remove faulty RPC method 'scanforstealthtxns'; scanforalltxns also scans for stealth trxs
  • Fix: Add all required libraries for Mac wallet
  • Fix: already processed anon transactions were not added to wallet after key change/import


  • UI sidebar behavior improved. Automatically select appropiate mode depending on viewport.
  • External blockexplorer address URL updated.
  • Prevent open of default context menu with browser actions.
  • #26 Fix status icon tooltips offscreen when scrolled down past header text
  • #31 Fix Connectivity bar not visible on high DPI settings
  • #65 Fix wallet immediately closed after walletpassphrase via console Win 8.1
  • #69 Fix Transaction ID in transaction detail dialog: link behavior error
  • #74 Change 'Spectre' to 'Spectrecoin'; update logo images
  • #75 Fix Wrong fee calculation when transfer from private to public


  • #40 / #53 support cyrillic usernames by using the unicode function of windows to fetch the pathname (Windows)
  • #42 Remove additional UI id chars from transaction ID when copy/paste
  • #50 Change text 'No combination of coins matches amount and ring size' to 'No combination of (mature) coins matches amount and ring size.'
  • #64 DCB staking rewards are labeled 'Contributed'
  • Change text of donation setting