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Spectrecoin Blockchain Bootstrap

This repository contains in the directory data the whole bootstrapped Spectrecoin blockchain:

  • blk0001.dat - The main blockchain data file
  • txleveldb/* - The files of the transaction database

How to use

Get data ...

... using repo clone

You will need Git LFS installed on your system, if you want to use (clone) this repository directly.

... using download from Spectrecoin release area

Find the zip-Archive on the Spectrecoin release area.


To speedup your initial wallet startup, just put the content of the folder data into the Spectrecoin data directory, which will be %appdata%\Spectrecoin\ on Windows or ~/.spectrecoin/ on Linux.

The directory should be cleaned up before, if there are other files or directories. You need to keep only your wallet.dat and (if existing) spectrecoin.conf. So remove everything there except wallet.dat and spectrecoin.conf and then extract the zip-Archive into this directory.

Directory content should look like this afterwards and before starting the wallet:

├── blk0001.dat         <-- Blockchain
├── spectrecoin.conf    <-- Spectrecoin configuration (Linux)
├── txleveldb           <-- Transaction database
│   ├── ??????.ldb      <-- A lot of *.ldb files
│   ├── ...
│   ├── CURRENT
│   └── MANIFEST-??????
└── wallet.dat          <-- Your wallet data
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