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iDRAC RedFish monitoring framework

With this you can use the feature from iDRAC called redfish, which is a RESTful API.

He will auto discover most of the important hardware components and add them to your monitoring.

Built in Ruby


On Zabbix side

  • Copy the files redfish-* to your "externalscripts" directory on Server or Proxy
  • Create a directory called "redfish" inside the external scripts, and make sure it is zabbix writable (chown zabbix. redfish at least, or give some more chmod rights)
  • Import the template (v4 or v3.4)
  • You must add 3 macros on the server or on the template, by default now are:
    • {$PASSWORD} with the password for iDRAC
    • {$USER} with the username to be used
    • {$IPMI} the reachable address from iDRAC
  • Make sure your iDRAC is reachable from the zabbix server/proxy, test with: telnet 443
  • You should edit the redfish-collect and redfish-lld and make sure the variable LOCALPATH is pointing to the location of the redfish directory created above

On the iDRAC side

  • Add a user on your iDRAC that contains only the rights to Login and Debug, he will be auto select type as "Operator", also give it a password.


zabbix discovery framework for iDRAC 7+




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