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Nefula is a design agency which uses Speculative Design (in its "Near Future Design" declination) which was born inside the ISIA Design Florence design university. It promotes its open set of tools and methods to enable different types of subjects to embrace Near Future Design processes.

One of the principal characteristics of Nefula is its use of Data. In Nefula's design processes, different datasets (from interviews, social networks, senso networks, open data sets...) are used in order to gain better understandings about the transformations which will bring to futuree scenarios.

In Nefula's practice, an ethical and open approach to data is used, so that data is not only something that gets extracted from the environment and from people's behaviour, and it becomes an important asset for social imagination: data is made accessible to communities (using interactions, installations, data visualizations...) so that they can learn how to observe and understand themselves, to be able to foresee emerging trends and to intervene on them, in order to plan, design and realize actions which may bring to preferable future scenarios, in ways that are inclusive and participatory.

Nefula's methodology page includes descriptions of their methods and of the tools they use in their practice.

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