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v3 (12.4.2019)

  • T1 Mass Fabs are buildable by T1 Engineer and ACU again.

v2 (12.4.2019)

  • Added old veterancy buffs instead of global ones (buffing max health and weapon demage).
  • Fixed Aeon Cruiser and Carrier AA Guns.
  • Fixed T2 Torp Launchers firing too many torpedoes.
  • Fixed UEF SAM firing too many rockets.
  • Fixed UEF T3 Gunships weapons.
  • Fixed Aeon MML missile missing a lot.
  • ACU gun upgrades no longer affect OC range (yes in vanilla OC had very small range).
  • T1 Torp Launchers how rotate turrets at the same speed.
  • Removed Categories tables from bps since they don't merge and vanilla ones are bit outdated.
  • Enabled rendering reload progress for static T2 Arty.

v1 (11.4.2019)

  • First release. All units bps added from vanilla game.
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