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speedata Publisher


The speedata Publisher is a full featured and mature database publishing software. It generates PDF files from XML data and XML layout instructions. It is used to make product catalogs and other documents with high demands on the layout.

Its built-in layout description language allows you to create almost arbitrary layouts, while keeping the job as simple as possible.

Think of it as »XSL-FO on stereoids« or »server side InDesign«.


There are some examples in the example repository on github. Also, there are lots of small examples in the qa subdirectory that is used for quality assurance.

Can I use this in production?

Yes. Absolutely. We release stable (long term support) versions once in a while which are heavily tested in commercial environments and we release development versions often. Note that these development are still safe to use, they just might contain some experimental new features.


Just get one of the ready-to-run packages from https://download.speedata.de/ and follow the directions inside the ZIP file (=just extract and set the PATH variable). See the installation instructions in the manual.


Our documentation is available online: https://doc.speedata.de/ and included in the distribution (sp doc).


Please use the github bug tracker for reporting bugs or write an email. See below for contact details.

License / Contributing

The license is AGPLv3, see the file COPYING in the root directory.

We welcome contributions. Just follow the github procedure (fork, pull requests). The installation manual has a section on building the binary from the source code.

Contact / Support

We offer commercial support for the speedata Publisher. You can find the contact information on the webpage.

Source: https://github.com/speedata/publisher/
Blog (German): https://blog.speedata.de/
Webpage: https://www.speedata.de/