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Lack of sustainability in appointment of faculties in higher educational Institutions and Colleges.

Idea / Approach details

Looking at the problem statement its quite simple that there is no central entity that holds all the records of teachers. Sure each institute has its own record, but even the Institute controlled by one Main Body is so diverse. Hence creating a Central entity is what is required. A central database would store all the records of teachers from all across. A web portal will allow the institute to update its detail about teachers.

Registration of Teacher onto the central portal would only be provided through Aadhar card as this would aid in security issue ( So that an imposter doesn’t enter fake data and get into the system ). An OTP based security measure will also be taken via registered mobile number in Aadhar card which would ultimately ensure a higher level of authentication criteria.

Potential Job openings from across the towns and states would be an app away, and Teachers who have no issue in migrating to a different town or state can no doubt take advantage through this scheme. In case a Teacher is reaching a superannuation period, the system will notify the Institute of it and hiring process can start well in advance.

Only those teacher will get a notification update whose qualification criteria is well fulfilled for the opening job post, hence flooding of non experience teacher in a high post job hiring won’t ever happen.

Technology Stack:
  • Laravel (PHP + MySQL)
  • Android

Team Members [SpeedForce]

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  • Zarrar
  • Stuti
  • Kush


  • Soham
  • Richa


  • Umang


Centralised Job Portal for Teachers. [AngelList for Teachers]






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