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The code for an arduino based ECU simulator
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This is a project to build an OBD2 simulator.


Simply connect to CAN board to and arduino pro micro and an OBD conenctor as shown in obd_sim_diagram.png

Setting up

First, install the arduino sketch onto the simulator. Then, with the simulator plugged into your PC run the following command from the root directory of this project

python ./ <serial port name>

For example on linux, if your simulator shows up on port /dev/ttyACM0 you would run

python ./ /dev/ttyACM0

You will now be able to run commands to adjust the values output py the simualtor



Sets the value returned for a partiular property from the simulator. FOr example, to have the simulator return a speed of 80km/h run

>setval 13  80

The values entered here will be the value retunred from the simualtor before any formulas are applied by the software that interprets these values.


Adds an error code to the list of error codes returned from teh simulator. For example, to have the simulator return error code P1234 you can run

>setcode 1234
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