@minborg minborg released this Apr 5, 2016 · 2302 commits to master since this release

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This release contains the following new features:

  • New API version (2.3) with increased functionality
  • Project DSL changed from Groovy to JSON
  • Updated UI with improved usability
  • Better mapping of database types (e.g. Boolean and Numbers)
  • OSGi bundle compatibility
  • Faster parallel loading of database metadata
  • Ability to set a custom database connection URL
  • Generated classes are separated from user changeable classes
  • Initial connectivity check with databases
  • Database and database driver version printout on start
  • Better support for JavaEE (JDBC class loading)
  • Pluggable code generation with ability to customize generated code
  • TypeMapping from various time classes to Integer
  • Alias for schemas, tables and column to decouple db names form Java names
  • New archetypes for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL to easily create projects with correct JDBC dependencies
  • Improved JavaDocs

NOTE 1: Because the migration from Groovy to JSON, users need to re-run the UI to read the schema metadata from scratch.

NOTE 2: Because the layout of the generated files has changed, users are advised to delete generated files generated by previous Speedment version and re-generate all the Java classes from scratch.

NOTE 3: Speedment no longer depends on JDBC drivers like MySQL and MariaDB. Users with existing projects must therefore add these dependencies directly in the project’s POM.

Fixed bugs:

#101 AbstractBaseEntiry.getEntityClass() shows up in some JSON libs
#106 Potential risk for dropped listeners in UI
#108 UI doesn't start when .json file is missing
#110 Port number is not set for auto settings on new project
#111 Icon is not shown on error messages
#112 Wrong file name is used for speedment.json when dir is initially created
#113 getDbmsNameMeaning() not visible in gui
#114 Databases that are plugged in are lost in GUI
#115 Some settings are lost in the UI
#120 Auto-increment columns fails for Postgres
#122 No response is given if a Schema is entered that doesn't exist
#127 PostgreSQL boolean column is mapped to int
#137 Table with exotic names may fail to load its columns
#141 Table with 2 characters results in error in GeneratedImpl class
#142 generated code doesnt work
#144 Underscores (_) are stripped from column name constants
#147 Potential concurrency issue when loading projects
#152 When loading from json-file and pressing Dbms, an exception is thrown

API version: 2.3