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Tuples allow dynamic type safe classes

Tuples are like a Lists but where each element can retain its type individually.

Tuples are immutable and comes in two flavors; Tuples without null values (Tuple) and Tuples that allows null values (TupleOfNullables).

Tuples with a degree of up to 23 are supported. Higher degrees can be constructed but then type information is lost.

Tuples without null values

Here is an example:

  Tuple2<String, Integer> tuple2 = Tuples.of("Alice", 2);
  System.out.format("%s is %d years old", tuple2.get0(), tuple.get1());

Here is another example:

   Tuple3<Integer, String, Float> tuple3 = Tuples.of(1, "Alice", 1023.0);
   int id = tuple3.get0();
   String name = tuple3.get1();
   float saldo = tuple3.get2();

TupleOfNullables that allows null values

If we need to be able to handle null values, there is a variant of the Tuple that does this:

  TupleOfNullable2<String, String> tuple2 = TuplesOfNullabes.ofNullable("Alice", null);
  Optional<String> name = tuple2.get0();
  Optional<String> alias = tuple2.get1();

Supported Methods

Both tuple types (e.g. Tuple and TupleOfNullables) support the following methods:

Method Parameter Outcome
degree - Returns the number of elements in the Tuple. E.g. Tuple2::degree will return 2 whereas Tuple3::degree will return 3
get int Returns the element at the given position
stream Class Returns a Stream of all non-null elements of the given class

Tuples without null values support the following methods:

Method Parameter Outcome
stream - Returns a Stream of all elements in the Tuple

TupleOfNullables (allowing null values) support the following methods:

Method Parameter Outcome
stream - Returns a Stream of Optionals with elements in the TupleOfNullables. Null values are Optional.empty()

Typesafe Tuple Builder

Tuples can be constructed with a Builder if the elements becomes available subsequently.

final Tuple3<Integer, String, Long> actual =