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We offer a simple, JSON-based REST API to access most of our data about games, runs and players. The API is meant to be a good compromise between pure REST and real-world.

If you want to use the API, you should be familiar with how HTTP and JSON work. Documenting those basics is out of scope of this documentation.


Most of the API is read-only and anonymous, i.e. you don't need any credentials or permissions to access the API. We add support for write operations on a case-by-case basis, depending on our needs. In those cases, API clients need to authenticate by using a user's API key (each user has one and if you want to do stuff on behalf of other users, they need to give their API key to your app). See authentication for more information.

All requests to the API are subject to rate limits.

The API is versioned, the version is reflected in the URL you use. The API root, will redirect you to the current version. We promise to do our best to never break a once published version of our API (sometimes we extend the current API with new information, but we will not change existing fields).

If possible, please set a descriptive User-Agent HTTP header. This makes it easier for us to see how the API is being used and optimise it further. A good user agent string includes your project name and possibly the version number, like my-bot/4.20.



The following implementations are not part of the official API. For any bugs etc. please contact their respective creators.

  • SpeedrunComSharp — A .NET Library that can be used to interact with the API.
  • srapi — A relatively bare-bone API client written in Go.
  • srcomapi — A Python library.
  • Speedrun4J — A Java library (that does not have getters for all properties yet).

Content License

As with the main website, all original content provided through the API is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0. Images and videos are copyright of their respective owners.

If this doesn't work for you, contact us and we can find a solution.


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