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Redmine Time logger plugin. More than likely there is only going to be one more public release. New version has new time logging with the option of multiple loggers running at the same time, fixes for excessive loggng, and a whole new look.
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Redmine Time Logger plugin for Redmine

Latest tested version of Redmine is 3.4.5

Time logger is a Redmine plugin to ease time tracking when working on an issue. The plugin allows to start/suspend/resume/stop a timer on a per user basis.

This is a spin-off of the original time tracker by Jérémie Delaitre. I give all the credit to him. I renamed it as to not have issue with the current time_tracker by HicknHack Software( My aim to to create a replacement that is compatible with many different versions of Redmine.


  • Current spent time always visible

  • Timer automatic updated without reload

  • Per user time tracking

  • Using known 'log time' dialog

Getting the plugin

The newest version is always at GitHub.


  1. Follow the Redmine plugin installation steps at: Make sure the plugin is installed to plugins/time_logger

  2. Setup the database using the migrations. rake redmine:plugins RAILS_ENV=production

  3. Login to your Redmine install as an Administrator

  4. Setup the 'log time' permissions for your roles

  5. Add “Time tracking” to the enabled modules for your project

  6. The link to the plugin should appear in the 'account' menu bar


  • If you are migrating from version 1.2 then we have to delete table records schema_migrations.

  1. Run a selection in the database;

<tt>select * from schema_migrations where version like '%time_logger%';</tt>
  1. Delete the records found;

<tt>delete from schema_migrations where version like '%time_logger-41627c4r%';</tt> or <tt>delete from schema_migrations where version like '%time_logger%';</tt>
  1. Copy the plug-in <tt><redmine_root>/plugins/

  2. Run rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production


  1. Run rake db:migrate:plugin NAME=time_logger VERSION=0 RAILS_ENV=production

  2. Delete folder <redmine_root>/plugins/time_logger

Note: is show display message: Note: The rake task db:migrate:plugin has been deprecated, please use the replacement version redmine:plugins:migrate not alarmed, the plugins already uninstalled.


To be able to use a time tracker, a user must have the 'log time' permission. Then, the current time tracker information are displayed in the top right menu, next to the user info.

These information are context dependant:

  • If the user does not have a running time tracker yet, a message telling so will be displayed.

  • If the user does not have a running time tracker yet but he is displaying an issue, then the 'start' action will be displayed.

  • If the user has a running time tracker, the current spent time is displayed (and refreshed periodically) next to the tracked issue number. The 'pause' or the 'resume' action will be displayed as well as the 'stop' one too. Stopping the time tracker will redirect the user to the standard time logging page with the 'hours' field filled with the time tracker value. This way, we rely on existing and well known behaviours.

To be noted that these actions are available in the issues list context menu too (right click in the issues list).

A 'list' action is displayed in the menu too. This action will redirect the user to a page listing his time tracker and other user's ones if the 'view others time trackers' right is set. From this list, the user can 'delete' his time tracker (or the other user's ones if the 'delete others time trackers' permission is set).

The plugin settings page allows to define the spent time refresh rate and the status transition to apply when a time tracker is started. For example, if a transition 'New' -> 'In progress' is added, starting a time tracker on an issue having the 'New' status will automatically change it to 'In progress'.


  1. Open a shell to your Redmine's /plugins/time_logger folder

  2. Update your git copy with git pull

  3. Update the database using the migrations. rake redmine:plugins RAILS_ENV=production

  4. Restart your Redmine

Change History

0.5.3 - updates

fixed javascript variable declaration
added icon sets so user can have more choice with their theme - for now this is to be done manually.  Just delte the icons in /time_logger/assets/images (not the sub-folders)  then copy from one of the sub-folders (colorized or original) into /time_logger/assets/image. 
  add TLHelper function back due to problem with time_logger
  fix for missing icons on status transitions
  fixes for status transitions - removal - Special thanks to kotashiratsuka indirectly!!
  fix for some users not able to start time logger - thanks to rastydnb!

0.5.2 - updates

fix for content menus
fix for status transitions
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