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Spejman dotfiles


My very own dotfiles, I invite you to browse and take a look probably doesn't fit at 100% your needs but could give you a idea.

Setup script for clean osx installs based on, thanks @Goldenson.

Rakefile and file/folder arrangement is based on, thanks @holman !

Setup script for clean osx install

Automatically does:

  • Install apps (WIP)
  • Config git.
  • Exec rake install:all: Rake install task will symlink the appropriate files in .dotfiles to your home directory. Everything is configured and tweaked within ~/.dotfiles.
  • Exec rake load_plist load plist files. Please review applescripts.
curl -L | sh

Follow instructions that will lead to a mackup restore:

mackup restore

Setup osx defaults:

curl -L | sh

Extra HowTos

Install catalan spelling

  1. Download .oxt dictionary pack file from open office extensions:

  2. Rename it to .zip and unzip it.

  3. Move ca.aff and ca.dic to ~/Library/Spelling folder.

  4. Open System Preferences > Keyboard > Text, click Spelling select box, click Set up... and mark Català (Library).

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