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XUnit logger for vstest platform
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Xunit Test Logger

Xunit logger extensions for Visual Studio Test Platform.

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Xunit logger can generate xml reports in the xunit v2 format (

  1. Add a reference to the Xunit Logger nuget package in test project
  2. Use the following command line in tests
> dotnet test --test-adapter-path:. --logger:xunit
  1. Test results are generated in the TestResults directory relative to the test.csproj

A path for the report file can be specified as follows:

> dotnet test --test-adapter-path:. --logger:"xunit;LogFilePath=test_result.xml"

test_result.xml will be generated in the same directory as test.csproj.

Note: the arguments to --logger should be in quotes since ; is treated as a command delimiter in shell.



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