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faasd function for Franc

This is part of my personal exploring and probably not production ready. Use at own risk!


faasd has been really interesting to explore and work with. It's a low-footprint no/low-maintenance Function as a Service toolkit. Broadly speaking, faasd's goal is to simplify the required setup and run functions easier.

I wanted to build a super simple api endpoint to familiarize myself more with the concepts and learn. I picked the Franc npm package. Franc is a npm lib which allows you to detect the language of a given piece of text.

The faasd function for franc is the result. It should work, but no guarantees.

Building Your Own Version

  1. You can easily build your own version and host it on your faasd instance:

    git clone && cd faasd-franc
  2. Create the secret:

    echo $(head -c 16 /dev/urandom | shasum | cut -d "-" -f1) > token.txt
  3. Store it on the server:

    faas-cli secret create franc-token --from-file token.txt --gateway
  4. Deploy as usual:

    faas-cli up --gateway