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PHP Scraper as a Function

A simple OpenFaaS/faasd wrapper around PHP Scraper. Essentially turning your scraper into a function.


  1. Fork and clone the fork.
  2. Adjust the stack.yml file with your docker hub name.
  3. Change the handler to your needs.
  4. faas-cli up --gateway

How to generate the secret?

  1. Create a secret:

    echo $(head -c 16 /dev/urandom | shasum | cut -d "-" -f1) > token.txt
  2. Store it on the server:

    faas-cli secret create phpscraper-token --from-file token.txt --gateway
  3. Deploy as usual:

    faas-cli up --gateway

How to develop with PHPScraper?

For more information on core functionality of PHPScraper check the documentation. The tests and examples can also help understanding it better.