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Ackee Analytics Plugin for VuePress

This project helps to integrate Ackee Analytics in your VuePress site. Ackee is a self-hosted, privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.


For installation instructions on how to get Ackee up and running check this.

To install the VuePress plugin run one of the following commands:

npm install vuepress-plugin-ackee

# or

yarn add vuepress-plugin-ackee


Add the vuepress plugin in your site or theme config file. The configuration is done as part of the plugin-configuration. Your configuration file is usually located under .vuepress/config.js. Extend it with this line:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    'ackee': { trackerUrl: '', siteId: '12ab12ab-12ab-12ab-12ab-12ab12ab12ab' }

    // other plugins
    // ...

You will get parameters required from your Ackee instance.

Please note: The URL in the configuration shouldn't include /_.js.

For more details on how to work with VuePress plugins check the official docs.


This package is release under the MIT license by Peter Thaleikis.