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Umami Analytics Plugin for VuePress

This project helps to integrate Umami Analytics in your VuePress site. Umami is a self-hosted, privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.


Online tracking has become an epidemic eroding our privacy. A very large number of websites collect data using a small number of tools and platforms. This leads to the ability to follow online users and build up detailed profiles. This is a highly undesirable development.

Private and self-hosted solutions such as Umami can help to address the issue. These provide analytics without collecting personalized data and the data stays 100% under your in control.

VuePress is more and more used for developer-related content such as documentation websites. I hope to make a small contribution by allowing and promoting a simple alternative to Google Analytics for this platform.


For installation instructions on how to get Umami up and running check this.

To install the VuePress plugin run one of the following commands:

npm install vuepress-plugin-umami

# or

yarn add vuepress-plugin-umami


Add the vuepress plugin in your site or theme config file. The configuration is done as part of the plugin-configuration. Your configuration file is usually located under .vuepress/config.js. Extend it with this line:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    'umami': { trackerUrl: '', siteId: 'a9safa7-asfasf-asfasf' }

    // other plugins
    // ...

You will get parameters required from your Umami instance:

Umami Settings

Please note: The URL in the configuration shouldn't include /umami.js.

For more details on how to work with VuePress plugins check the official docs.


This package is release under the MIT license by Peter Thaleikis.