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WIP (Work In Progress)

Pandora Module for Magic Mirror

Module for controlling the Pandora music service

alt text


Pianobar specifics

This project currently assumes pianobar is setup for FIFO control and to run the script provided under the pianobar folder *example for creating a fifo "mkfifo /home/pi/.config/pianobar/ctl"

An example config has also been provied under the pianobar folder and assumes pianobar's config is under ~/.config/pianobar

This project also currently assumes pianobar is already running

Voice control

  • mode for voice module is Pandora
  • Supported Commands:
    • Play Pandora
    • Pause Pandora
    • Next Song

This project

clone this repo into MagicMirror/modules.

Example config

module: 'MMM-PandorasMirror",

position: "lower_third"

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