A small app demoing Spark + Cassandra usage within a spring boot app
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Spark + Cassandra + Spring Boot Demo

This extremely trivial app attempts to demonstrate the difficulty with of working with Spark + Cassandra + Spring, but with Spark in particular

Difficulty of Working With Spark

TODO, although it comes down to Classpath and where the code gets executed.


This is a multi-project build containing:

  • spark-shared: a library containing all classes and spark execution code that should be distributed out to your cluster using context.addJar()
  • spark-spring-demo: the main driver application. It creates the JavaSparkConf, the JavaSparkContext, and then executes jobs in the library on the context.

Running the app

  • download the project
  • start up cassandra
  • the easiest command is gradle spark-shared:pTML spark-spring-demo:bootRun. This will package the library and push it to your local Maven repository, then startup the main app
  • navigate to localhost:8080/api/stocks to kick off the process