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32º Halfpipe 2

HTTP+JSON Services using industry best Java libraries. Based on Spring Boot with Netflix OSS integration. Originally inspired by dropwizard


  • Maven

  • Spring 4 enabled (no XML)

    • Spring data
    • Spring data rest
    • TODO: integration
  • Spring Boot

    • Spring Boot Auto Configuration to automatically configure halfpipe/Netflix OSS components
    • TODO: Commands
  • Multilingual java TODO: scala/groovy

  • Validation

  • JAX-RS: Choice of providers

    • Guava integration (TODO: jersey)
    • Jersey 2
    • Resteasy
  • Metrics

    • Health Checks
    • web metrics
    • spring metrics, TODO: including forking metrics-spring which is no longer maintained. Needed?
  • Dynamic Config Archaius

    • config classes
    • dynamic reload of config files
    • yaml or property config files
    • callbacks when config property changes
    • Custom sources: kv, Jdbc, DynamoDb, Zookeeper, jclouds, etc...
    • TODO: consul deployment context aware configuration
    • TODO: validate archaius config
  • Client

    • Service Discovery ( Eureka)
    • Feign
    • Hystrix
    • Ribbon
  • Logging

    • Logback
    • yaml/properties based configuration
    • dynamically update log levels (based on Archaius)
  • Local dev environment

    • docker
    • dns resolution of docker containers (skydns/skydock)
    • TODO: simple auto scaler?
    • TODO: asgard points to simple auto scaler and consul (instead of eureka)?
  • TODO: metrics influxdb

  • TODO: coda hale metrics to influxdb

  • TODO: turbine vagrant deploy

  • TODO: hystrix dashboard vagrant deploy

  • TODO: influxdb vagrant deploy

  • TODO: upload to sonatype

  • TODO: Admin like karyon (Started)

  • TODO: research existing docker platforms:

Old list:


HTTP+JSON Services using industry best Java libraries. Bases on Spring Boot, with Netflix OSS integration. Originally inspired by dropwizard.







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