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#Tinderfish ##Catfish Guys with the Tinder API


Tinderfish uses Neal Kemp's ruby implementation of the reverse engineered Tinder API to relay messages between two victim profiles through a fake profile. As far as the victims are concerned, they're talking to a match. In reality, they're talking directly to each other thanks to Tinderfish.


Create a fake facebook profile and grab the profile ID for the FACEBOOK_ID constant. Visit the link in the tinder_pyro documentation to grab your OAUTH_TOKEN. You will need to install the Tinder app on your phone to verify your account via text message. I had to wait almost a week before my account became valid, likely due to it being a new facebook profile.


Add in your slack URL (We use a private group) and facebook, ID and TOKEN.

tinderfish =

tinderfish.sign_in(facebook_id, facebook_token)

Assuming you already have matches... (if not just run matches = tinderfish.get_nearby_users followed by tinderfish.generate_matches(matches, 3) where 3 is how many of your matches you want to swipe on).


This will print a list of victims and their bios to your console. Select the worst and match them up by using the VID of each user

tinderfish.introduce_and_run(victim1_12345678, victim2_87654321)

Blog Post

Accompanying blog post and code walkthrough can be found on my website here:

It's outdated now, but an interesting look into how to build something like this.


Credit to Neal Kemp's fantastic tinder_pyro wrapper here Also Andrea for refactoring Tinderfish, check him out @lucidstack