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Ruby library for Google's DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) SOAP API

This is currently very alpha, and should only be used to get started, not for production! The eventual goal is to have a full library for accessing DFP, but it's a work in progress.

The library consists of Services to talk to each SOAP endpoint, as well as object mappers.

Example Usage

order = => 'My Order', :advertiser_id => 1234, :trafficker_id => 4567)

To lookup an Order, you'd do:

order = DFP::Order.find(1234)


orders = DFP::Order.find_by_statement("WHERE id > 1 LIMIT 100")

You can also use the lower level services directly:

order = DFP::OrderService.create_order({:name => "Order 123", :advertiserId => 123, :traffickerId => 456})

For more examples, check the specs.