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Welcome to compromise

We welcome all contributions, help, and ideas.


Please help us :face_with_head_bandage: avoid open-source-burnout, before requiring help:

  1. is your answer in the official docs?
  2. has your question already been asked?
  3. is your answer on stackOverflow?
  4. can it be fixed using a custom lexicon?

If you're looking for advice or help using the library, join our community chat instead of making an issue.



If you're looking for a fun open-source project to help-out with:

Creating an issue

If you've found a bug, please check if you're running the latest version:

var nlp=require('compromise')

When you're creating an issue, please try to isolate the issue to the smallest case you can.

it's also pretty cool to make a runkit or jsfiddle or plunker for the issue Thanks

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