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A compilation of fixes for the clone() method in jQuery.
Latest commit 48e117e Apr 10, 2014 @spencertipping Merge pull request #3 from rarcega/master
Added support for <select> elements with multiple attribute
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jquery.fix.clone.js.sdocp Fixed a bad bug that caused immediate collection textareas and select… Jun 11, 2012


This repo contains jquery.fix.clone.js, which if included will fix a couple of
related bugs in jQuery's clone() method.

Originally there were two projects, jquery.fix.textarea-clone and Those projects still exist, but only so that anyone
using them doesn't end up with broken code. This project is for all clone()-
related bugs going forwards.

Usage is the same as before:

<script src='.../jquery.fix.clone.js'></script>
<!-- At this point your .clone() method will work -->

And MIT license as usual.
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