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# 100 Days Of Code - Log

### Day 0: 2017-01-03
### Day 0: 2016-12-30

**Today's Progress**:
**Today's Progress**: I went through the FreeCodeCamp jQuery exercises again then started the 'Show the Local Weather' FreeCodeCamp challenge.

So far I have HTML file with a couple of div's and JavaScript file that fetches the [openweathermap]( data with ~~hard coded lat and long values~~

**Link(s) to work:** []()
I used []( to get my geo data which I have struggled to have a separate functions so now its functions in functions.

**Thoughts**: Not a fan of jQuery, oh wait it's not that ba when it works, but $ this and $ that everywhere and functionception everywhere!

**Up Next**: Work with the JSON data and do some nice stuff with that!

**Link(s) to work**:
[My FreeCodeCamp repo on GitHub](
[The CodePen pen](

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