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Fish shell


Quick list for aliasing:

functions aliasname
# Displays function contents

functions -n
# Displays a list of currently-defined functions

functions -c newalias aliasname
# Copies the 'aliasname' function to a new function called 'newalias'

functions -e aliasname
# Erases the function `aliasname`

To list what aliases you have already defined:

ls -la ~/.config/fish/functions/

To see what is contained in the functions, use:

type functionName
# or use functions
functions functionName

To create an alias:

# Sort alphabetically πŸ‘Œ
alias lss 'ls -lart | sort -k9,9'

To save said alias:

funcsave lss

View the contents of the function:

functions lss
# output
# Defined in /home/scott/.config/fish/functions/ @ line 2
function lss --description 'alias lss ls -lart | sort -k9,9'
        ls -lart | sort -k9,9 $argv;

To remove an alias:

rm ~/.config/fish/functions/

or use:

functions -e aliasname

Oh My Fish

List out added aliases

I found this handy function on Stack Overflow which will list out your functions:

function aliases --description "list all fish aliases";for f in (functions);functions $f | grep \'alias;end;end;

Then you save it funcsave aliases and use it:

function c --description 'alias c code .'
function g --description 'alias g git'
function lss --description 'alias lss ls -lart | sort -k9,9'
function ni --description 'alias ni npm i'
function nid --description 'alias nid npm i -D'
function nig --description 'alias nig npm i -g'
function no --description 'alias no npm outdated'
function nog --description 'alias nog npm outdated -g --depth=0'
function nr --description 'alias nr npm run'
function nrb --description 'alias nrb npm run build'
function nrd --description 'alias nrd npm run dev'
function nrf --description 'alias nrf npm run format'
function nrs --description 'alias nrs npm run start'
function nug --description 'alias nug npm -g un'
function nun --description 'alias nu npm un'
function r --description 'alias r cd /mnt/d/repos/'

The following you can copy pate into fish:

alias c 'code .';funcsave c;alias g 'git';funcsave g;alias lss 'ls -lart | sort -k9,9';funcsave lss;alias ni 'npm i';funcsave ni;alias nid 'npm i -D';funcsave nid;alias nig 'npm i -g';funcsave nig;alias no 'npm outdated';funcsave no;alias nog 'npm outdated -g --depth=0';funcsave nog;alias nr 'npm run';funcsave nr;alias nrb 'npm run build';funcsave nrb;alias nrd 'npm run dev';funcsave nrd;alias nrf 'npm run format';funcsave nrf;alias nrs 'npm run start';funcsave nrs;alias nug 'npm -g un';funcsave nug;alias nu 'npm un';funcsave nu;alias r 'cd /mnt/d/repos/';funcsave r;