My online CV using Gatsby ( with React⚛)
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CV using Gatsby and JSON Schema

Want to use this template with your data? Read on... 👀


  • Zeit now account or somewhere to statically host your data
  • Your own JSON Schema CV

I made this to understand how Gatsby gets API data and uses it, you could probably do something statically with the data locally if you prefer.

If you want to use this for your own purposes you will need to create your own json CV via JSON Schema and create an alias for the cv.json file in now.

There's a resume-cli you can use to get started with your CV, navigate to where you want your resume.json file and use:

npx resume-cli init
# I prefer to use npx over globally
# installing and app I'll use rarely

This will create a bare bones .json file to use, you will be prompted for your name and email, the rest is filler.

In the folder cvdata there's some npm scripts to help manage the importing and exporting the CV data.

In the now.json file you can add your preferred alias for where your CV data is going to live.

Note that if you change the "name" value in the now.json file you'll also need to change the npm scripts in cvdata/package.json

  "name": "cvjson",
  "alias": ""

Add your cv.json to the folder:


You can then upload to now with the npm scripts provided:

npm run pushCv
# pull data for editing
npm run pullCv
# after running pushCv the following scripts run
npm run aliasIt # alias' the deployment
npm run killCv # removes local cv data
npm run cleanup # removes stale deploys