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dot files and configurations πŸ’ πŸ—ƒ
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Dot files

Dot files and configurations, I learned about . files from listening to the podcast with Chris and Una

Great channel for learning about tooling πŸ‘ the podcast was about Git Tools

This was a pretty cool learning experience for me and I now have a pretty efficient git workflow πŸš€


If you're a Mac or Linux user then this isn't for you, if you're a Windows user then welcome, this isn't really a dot file but I feel that if I'm setting up a new machine then I will be using all my dot files listed I'll need the software those dot files are used in first!

I found a pretty helpful post by Sean Killeen detailing getting a list out of Choco

clist -lo | Out-File C:\Users\spenc\Desktop\chocolist.txt

Installing thhe list will be cinst packagename1 packagename2 packagenameN

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