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SvelteKit blog starter with GraphCMS

This starter shows how to use the SvelteKit with GraphCMS. It uses graphql-request and GraphCMS for the backend.


Deploy with Vercel

Open in Gitpod

How to Use

See the introductory blog post on getting started building out this project.

You'll need a GraphCMS account and the Blog Starter created, get the endpoint from the "API Access" section in the project settings, check the "Content from stage Published" checkbox for access.

Rename the sample.env file to .env and add your endpoint:


Add the VITE_GRAPHCMS_URL variable and endpoint to the "Environment Variables" section of the Vercel project.

Download Manually

npx degit spences10/sveltekit-starter-blog sveltekit-starter-blog

Install & Run:

cd sveltekit-starter-blog
npm install
npm run dev -- --open