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As of 4/26/2017 I'm handing this repo off to others to fork and continue if they wish. Thanks to doomedraven, KillerInstinct, kevross33, SeanKim77, jgajek, keithjjones, pashashocky, Shane-Carr, seanthegeek, garanews, and all the other contributors I forgot to mention.

This repository contains over 220 Cuckoo Sandbox signature modules from the community, including those heavily modified by Optiv for correctness, removal of false positives, and more detailed information. It also includes over 75 new signature modules developed solely by Optiv and provided under the GPL.

Please note that many of these signature modules make use of Optiv's extensive improvements to both Cuckoo and cuckoomon and are noted accordingly as requiring Cuckoo version "1.2".

If you have signature modules to contribute, feel free to submit a pull request.