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Python scripts for producing artistic image transformations
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Python scripts for producing artistic image transformations


Requires imagemagick, lxml, PIL, OpenCV, numpy, matplotlib and potrace. And batik (how could I forget it?). Too much, I know. Later versions will almost certainly require lxml, potrace and batik (I like the convenience of manipulating SVG), although I hope to settle on one image processing library (OpenCV, most likely).

USAGE: ./ pathToInputImage pathToConfig

Config files contain an elaborate python dictionary specifying how the input image should be transformed.

To run the script using the sample images and configs:

./ images/1024px-Osteospermum_lemon_symphony.jpg config/

./ images/Winston_Churchill_1874_-_1965_ZZZ5426F.jpg config/

./ images/Jefferson_Memorial_rear_view_IMG_4733.JPG config/

I owe a debt of inspiration and example to Greg Borenstein, who used a similar process for his 2014 nanogenmo entry, available here and here.

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