Simple HTTP server to provide streams of Raspberry Pi camera using MJPEG codec
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grumpy-pi-mjpg Build status

Simple HTTP server to provide streams of Raspberry Pi camera using MJPEG codec

This server has been designed to be the simplest possible to start streaming video from your Raspberry Pi camera module. It uses the MJPEG codec so doesn't have sound but supports all options of raspivid. The server reads the data using stdin which means you need to use the -o - option and pipe it to the server.

The program raspivid can output MJPEG but it doesn't conform to what a browser expects in a webpage. Instead, it outputs a JPEG image back to back. This is easy to split and prepare each image to be a proper MJPEG which includes the right HTTP headers.

How to download

Type this in your terminal :


How to use

Type (those options are the minimum required) :

raspivid -cd MJPEG -t 0 -o - | mjpg-server

Of course, raspivid can take any options like so :

raspivid -cd MJPEG -w 640 -h 360 -fps 10 -t 0 -n -o - | mjpg-server

How to compile

NOTE: prefer binary releases, see how to download above

You need to install Golang to compile :

There are 2 options :

  • Downloading the linux-armv6l version and following the instructions
  • Download for another operating system and cross-compiling
    • For this, set GOOS=linux and GOARCH=arm

Once this is done, run this :

go build grumpy-pi-mjpg/mjpg-server.go

This generates the mjpg-server executable.