Lightchekout is a jQuery plugin that simplify your address form reducing your form fields and increase conversion rate.
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#lightCheckout 1.1 ##Lightchekout is a jQuery plugin that simplify your address form reducing your form fields and increase conversion rate. It hide address, city, province and zipcode fields and replace them with Google Places Autocompleter, that autofill the form.

###Why should I use lightCheckout?

  • It makes your address forms:
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • More User Friendly
  • Reduce Human Errors
  • Helps users to fill form fields
  • Suggests users all addresses informations
  • Moz, Ms, Webkit Tested
  • Easy to Customize

For complete documentation, tons of examples, and a good time, visit:

Written by: Claudio Sperti

###License Released under the MIT license -

Let's get on with it!


###Step 1: Link required files

First and most important, the jQuery library needs to be included. Next, download the package from this site and link the lightCheckout CSS file and the lightCheckout Javascript file.

<!-- jQuery library (served from Google) -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- lightCheckout Javascript file -->
<script src="/js/lightCheckout.min.js"></script>
<!-- lightCheckout CSS file -->
<link href="/css/lightCheckout.css" rel="stylesheet" />

###Step 2: Starting HTML DOM

Initially your page contains a form (or just a fields wrapper)

<form class="addressForm">
   <div class="name">
      <input name="name" id="name" type="text" />
   <div class="surname">
      <input name="surname" id="surname" type="text" />
   <div class="address">
      <input name="address" id="address" type="text" />
   <div class="city">
      <input name="city" id="city" type="text" />
   <div class="zipcode">
      <input name="zipcode" id="zipcode" type="text" />
   <div class="province">
      <select name="province" id="province" >
          <option value="NY">New York</option>
          <option value="CA">California</option>
         <option value="...">...</option>
   <div class="submit">
      <input type="submit" value="Continue">

###Step 3: Create an options js object and Call LightChekout

Before you have to create a js var that contains basic lightCheckout options:

  • inputWrapper // DOM element that wraps each input or select field
  • address // address input field
  • city // city input field
  • province // province input field
  • zip // zip code input field

Then call .lightChekout() on your

or wrapper. Note that the call must be made inside of a $(document).ready() call, or the plugin will not work!

	var options = {
		inputWrapper: 'div',
		address: '#address',
		city: '#city',
		province: '#province',
		zip: '#zipcode'

##Configuration options


inputWrapper Selector of input wrapper

default: 'div'
options: string, any jQuery selector

autocomplete Selector of autocomplete input, if you created it manually

default: null
options: string, any jQuery selector

address Selector of address input

default: '.address'
options: string, any jQuery selector

city Selector of city input

default: '.city'
options: string, any jQuery selector

province Selector of province input

default: '.province'
options: string, any jQuery selector

zip Selector of zip input

default: '.zip'
options: string, any jQuery selector

shortProvince Boolean, choose if province must be set with short name or long name (ex. Long Name: "California", Short name: "CA")

default: true
options: true, false

noNumberError Error to show when users not set street number in address input

default: 'Please, insert also street number.'
options: string, any message you want to show as error

language Language of Google Places libraries

default: 'en'
options: string, one of supported language from this list:


setField When an address is set, you can override common fill of inputs

default: function ($input, value) {
options: function ($input, value) { // your code here }
  $input: input element that must be changed
  value: new value of the input