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This page lists versions of Electrum that are incompatible with the
previous version. These incompatibilities are caused by a change in
the key derivation algorithm.
Wallets created before the change are incompatible with the new
version, and that users need to move their bitcoins. We apologize for
the inconvenience. We try to keep this kind of upgrades as rare as
Version 0.34: The key derivation was changed again in version 0.34, in order to offer "type 2 wallet" capabilities.
Version 0.31: This version fixes a vulnerability in the key generation function.
If your wallet is deprecated, you will see a message asking you to
create a new wallet and to move your balance to the new wallet.
Here are the steps that you need to follow:
* create a new wallet with the new version of Electrum: /path/to/new/ -w my_new_wallet.dat
* copy a receiving address from the new wallet
* open your old wallet with the old version of Electrum: /path/to/old/ -w my_old_wallet
* move your entire balance to the new address.
Note that you may keep your current seed. For this, all you need to do
is to create the new wallet using the wallet recovery procedure. You
will not recover your old wallet with the new software, but you will
get a new wallet instead.
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