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Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. @kyuupichan

    Handle openalias properly in contacts tab

    kyuupichan authored
    - Filter out of block explorer URLs
    - Make them uneditable
  2. @kyuupichan

    Permit multiselect in contacts tab

    kyuupichan authored
    You can select multiple contacts, and still do all the actions
    you could do on a single contact.  In particular, paying to them
    all and removing them all.
    This covers the first two bullet points of #1372.
    Finally, make the new contact dialog box have a sensible width
    that can display a full address without scrolling
  3. @kyuupichan

    Fix contact editing.

    kyuupichan authored
    This fixes some bugs in contact editing:
    - a changed address is now checked for validity. Shows
      error if invalid and restores prior value
    - the changes are saved, before they were dropped
    - adding a new contact switches to the contacts tab,
      it used to switch to the address tab
    As an enhancement, the contact name, as well as its address,
    can be edited and updated.
    Finally, the platform edit key can also be used to edit,
    in adition to double-clicking.  This is typically the F2 key.
  4. @kyuupichan

    Cleaner column editing in MyTreeWidget

    kyuupichan authored
    Also enables arbitrary columns to be edited, but nothing
    uses that yet.
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @kyuupichan
  2. @kyuupichan

    Small optimization for large wallets

    kyuupichan authored
    Previously the verifier job would scan all transactions in
    unverified_tx each time it ran.
    Nothing was ever removed from this map; it would essentially
    be the full set of transactions.
    As the job runs about 10 times a second, for a wallet with 500 txs
    this would be 5,000 useless loops a second.
    This patch makes unverified_tx be simply the set of confirmed
    transactions that haven't yet been verified.  txs are added once
    confirmed, and removed once verified.  Hence it will almost always be
  3. @kyuupichan

    Access to unverified_tx no longer needs a lock

    kyuupichan authored
    Once the proxy thread jobs are created only they access this,
    and they all run under the proxy thread, so there is no contention.
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. message reformatting

    ThomasV authored
  2. @kyuupichan
  3. @kyuupichan
  4. @kyuupichan

    Don't let the "send from list" sort itself

    kyuupichan authored
    Order matters for correspondence of display position to internal list.
    Fixes #1420.
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
  1. @ecdsa

    Merge pull request #1425 from kizmc/wizard-layout

    ecdsa authored
    Fixed GroupBox layout in installwizard
  2. @kizmc
  3. @kyuupichan
  4. @kyuupichan

    Make the verifier a thread job instead of a thread

    kyuupichan authored
    The verifier, like the synchronizer, now runs as part of the
    network proxy thread.
  5. @kyuupichan

    Have network_proxy use ThreadJob framework

    kyuupichan authored
    Rename WalletSynchronizer to Synchronizer so that diagnostic messages,
    which are based on class name, still refer to Synchronizer.
  6. @kyuupichan

    Introduce thread job framework.

    kyuupichan authored
    This is a cleaner generalization of the functionality added
    to a few months ago, whereby jobs can be
    added and removed from a thread's main loop.  This allows
    us to cut down on unnecessary threads.
    A follow-up patch will update the proxy to this framework.
Commits on Aug 25, 2015
  1. @ecdsa

    Merge pull request #1424 from romanz/typo_fix

    ecdsa authored
    typo fix: rename pay_from_URI() -> pay_to_URI()
  2. @ecdsa

    Merge pull request #1423 from romanz/tests

    ecdsa authored
    Add more unit tests for lib.transaction
  3. @romanz
  4. @romanz
  5. @romanz
  6. @ecdsa

    Merge pull request #1421 from romanz/tests

    ecdsa authored
    test_transaction: add unit tests for lib.transaction module
  7. @romanz
  8. @kyuupichan

    Notify when a chunk of headers is validated

    kyuupichan authored
    And a couple of cosmetic changes.
    This should fix #1379.
Commits on Aug 24, 2015
  1. @ecdsa

    Merge pull request #1419 from romanz/tests

    ecdsa authored
    test_mnemonic: add tests for mnemonics
  2. @romanz
  3. @ecdsa

    Merge pull request #1418 from romanz/tests

    ecdsa authored
    Add test_account for testing lib.account module
  4. backport release notes

    ThomasV authored
  5. @romanz
  6. @romanz
  7. @ecdsa

    Merge pull request #1417 from romanz/tests

    ecdsa authored
    test_interface: fix check_host_name test
  8. @romanz
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