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Planetary Annihilation Unit Database

This is a set of tools for accessing information about the units in Planetary Annihilation. It works by parsing the JSON unit descriptions from the installed game. Information can be accessed directly from a Python console or through a local web app.


  • Python >= 3.2
  • A copy of Planetary Annihilation or copies of the relevant unit JSON files for one or more versions


  • Clone this repository or download it as an archive.


  • Create a file named padb.json in the same directory as units.py containing a JSON object in the following format:
    "pa_root": "C:/Path/To/PlanetaryAnnihilation/PA/media",
    "archive_root": "C:/Path/To/Archived/Files",
    "mods_root": "C:/Path/to/server_mods/directory",
    "versions": [["73823", "units-73823"],
                 ["76766", "units-76766"]]
  • At least one of pa_root or versions must be supplied. The other variables are optional.

  • On Windows, your installed server mods are located in your user profile directory, e.g. c:/Users/YourName/AppData/Local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/server_mods.

  • The archive_root directory may contain directories with JSON files from several versions of PA, as specified under the versions property. Each element of this list consists of a list with two elements. The first is the string used to identify the version, and the second is the name of the subdirectory under archive_root where the files are stored (see below for how to create the version archives from a current copy of the game).


Web Interface

From a command prompt in the directory containing units.py, run:

python webunits.py

Then, point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/ .

The first time you run webunits.py, it will automatically download a copy of Bottle. If this fails for some reason, you can download bottle.py from https://github.com/defnull/bottle and place it in the same directory as webunits.py.

Shell Usage

From a Python prompt (IPython highly recommended) in the directory containing units.py:

>>> import units
>>> db = units.VersionDb()
>>> db.load_units()

To get the list of units:

>>> sorted(db.units)

To get information about a particular unit:

>>> u = db.units['vehicle_factory']
>>> u() # prints a summary
>>> u.build_rate # -> 15
>>> u.builds # -> set of units build by this unit

Generating Archive Data

To generate an archive file for the current version of PA (as specified by the pa_root directory in padb.json), run:

python archive.py

This will generate a file named units-XXXXX.tar.bz2 where XXXXX is the current build identifier. The units-XXXXX directory in this archive can then be placed in the archive_root directory pointed to by padb.json.

To generate an archive from a copy of the PA files installed to a different location, run:

python archive.py C:/path/to/PA/media