Data synchronization framework.
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Data synchronization framework

What is Symmetry?

Symmetry is a simple, cross-platform library, built to solve the problem of synchronizing the data between different sources such as databases, microservices etc.

Is there any documentation?

There will be, however it's not there yet - the repository has been recently created.


It will be available as a NuGet package one day.

Install-Package Symmetry

Quick start:

This is the preview sample using a trivial in-memory collection in order to show its general purpose. Let's start with defining the two User collections - the sourceUsers can be think of as source database, while the destinationUsers might be another database that we would like to fill in with the data missing from the first database.

var firstUserId = Guid.NewGuid();
var sourceUsers = new List<User>
    new User(firstUserId, "user1"),
    new User(Guid.NewGuid(), "user2"),
    new User(Guid.NewGuid(), "user3"),

var destinationUsers = new List<User>
    new User(firstUserId, "user4"),
    new User(Guid.NewGuid(), "user5")

Now, let's create an instance of IDataSource - again, just assume these are 2 separate databases.

var memoryDataSource = MemoryDataSource<User>

var memoryDataDestination = MemoryDataSource<User>

Now that we know how to fetch the values from the "databases", we need to provide an instance of IDataStore in order to be able to save the missing users.

var memoryDataStore = MemoryDataStore<User>

We're almost home, just configure our Synchronizer (you might use as many different synchronizers as you wish) and we're good to go. Please note that we're setting IComparer in order to quickly find out which values are unique and should be synchronized.

var synchronizerConfiguration = SynchronizerConfiguration<User>
    .WithDataSource(() => memoryDataSource)
    .WithDataDestination(() => memoryDataDestination)
    .WithDataStore(() => memoryDataStore)
    .WithComparer(() => ObjectComparer<User>.Create((a, b) => a.Id == b.Id))

var synchronizer = Synchronizer<User>

var configuration = SymmetryConfiguration
    .WithSynchronizer(() => synchronizer)

And finally, start the Symmetry and let him do the synchronization for you!

var symmetry = SymmetryInstance.Create(configuration);