Location based check in application powered by MongoDB written in Ruby
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Milieu is an open source app similar to foursquare or facebook checkins.

It was initially built for OSCON 2012 as a demo app for building an app based on MongoDB.

It is built in Ruby using Sinatra and Haml. 

This has been built by spf13 http://spf13.com for 10gen

   It is based on the following Gems
    - Bundler
    - Shotgun
    - Rack
    - Haml
    - Mongo
    - Vlad the Deployer

  To get up and running all that should be needed is to install the Ruby gem
Bundler if up don't already have it installed then run:
    - $ bundle install

  That should install everything that is need for the app to run. To start it
    - $ shotgun

  As is the case with any Shotgun app you can update the config.ru file to
change Shotgun settings. Like wise /config/deploy.rb for the Vlad settings and
Gemfile for your bundler install settings