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Milieu is an open source app similar to foursquare or facebook checkins.
It was initially built for OSCON 2012 as a demo app for building an app based on MongoDB.
It is built in Ruby using Sinatra and Haml.
This has been built by spf13 for 10gen
It is based on the following Gems
- Bundler
- Shotgun
- Rack
- Haml
- Mongo
- Vlad the Deployer
To get up and running all that should be needed is to install the Ruby gem
Bundler if up don't already have it installed then run:
- $ bundle install
That should install everything that is need for the app to run. To start it
- $ shotgun
As is the case with any Shotgun app you can update the file to
change Shotgun settings. Like wise /config/deploy.rb for the Vlad settings and
Gemfile for your bundler install settings