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Merge pull request #6 from rekky/fix-docs

fix maxdb-stmt-store-result doc
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commit 0157e8e20979d8255259f82d7b0dc10433569b99 2 parents 9634211 + debc555
@spf13 authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 doc/maxdb-stmt-store-result.txt
  2. +1 −1  doc/tags
4 doc/maxdb-stmt-store-result.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-*maxdb::store_result* -- Transfers a result set from a prepared statement
+*maxdb_stmt::store_result* -- Transfers a result set from a prepared statement
Procedural style
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Procedural style
Object oriented style
- object maxdb::store_result(resource stmt)~
+ object maxdb_stmt::store_result(resource stmt)~
|maxdb_stmt_store_result| has no functionally effect and should not be used
for retrieving data from MaxDB server.
2  doc/tags
@@ -2253,7 +2253,6 @@ maxdb::rpl_query_type maxdb-rpl-query-type.txt /*maxdb::rpl_query_type*
maxdb::send_query maxdb-send-query.txt /*maxdb::send_query*
maxdb::ssl_set maxdb-ssl-set.txt /*maxdb::ssl_set*
maxdb::stat maxdb-stat.txt /*maxdb::stat*
-maxdb::store_result maxdb-stmt-store-result.txt /*maxdb::store_result*
maxdb::store_result maxdb-store-result.txt /*maxdb::store_result*
maxdb::use_result maxdb-use-result.txt /*maxdb::use_result*
maxdb_bind_param maxdb-bind-param.txt /*maxdb_bind_param*
@@ -2313,6 +2312,7 @@ maxdb_stmt::prepare maxdb-stmt-prepare.txt /*maxdb_stmt::prepare*
maxdb_stmt::reset maxdb-stmt-reset.txt /*maxdb_stmt::reset*
maxdb_stmt::result_metadata maxdb-stmt-result-metadata.txt /*maxdb_stmt::result_metadata*
maxdb_stmt::send_long_data maxdb-stmt-send-long-data.txt /*maxdb_stmt::send_long_data*
+maxdb_stmt::store_result maxdb-stmt-store-result.txt /*maxdb_stmt::store_result*
maxdb_stmt_sqlstate maxdb-stmt-sqlstate.txt /*maxdb_stmt_sqlstate*
maxdb_thread_safe maxdb-thread-safe.txt /*maxdb_thread_safe*
mb_check_encoding mb-check-encoding.txt /*mb_check_encoding*
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