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slow vim launch in windows? #14

tmuka opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This plugin bundle looks great, but it seems to be slowing down vim startup by about 15 seconds or more on my Windows7x64 quadcore+ssd pc. Does anyone have an idea at what might be causing the slowdown? Is there some path scanning or initialization that might be happening every time that i can fix or cache?

I had another dev test and the same thing happens with his win7 vim config when he adds PIV.



Thanks for the response, Steve. I thought that might be the case, but the lag is persisting on subsequent vim launches. The ".vim\bundle\PIV\doc*.txt" files all have a modified time/date that looks correct (the first time i launched vim with PIV). I also tested removing all my other bundles to see if it was a compatibility conflict, but that didn't speed things up. I'll have to keep digging!


Created a separate performance-related issue: #24. Not sure whether it is related.

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