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g:DisableAutoPHPFolding not working #20

renanivo opened this Issue · 5 comments

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When I put let g:DisableAutoPHPFolding = 1 in my .vimrc, it works for the first PHP file I open, but it is ignored in the next attempts.

I tested it in other computers with the same result.

I'm using MacVim version 7.3


edit PIV/ftplugin/php.vim on line 41

let php_folding = 0


Thank you @dongxiong that solved the folding problem.
The weird thing is that having this line in .vimrc

let g:DisableAutoPHPFolding = 1 

used to work


im having this same problem, do i have to edit the PIV/ftplugin/php.vim?
I added this as a submodule to my dotfiles, and i dont think is a good idea edit the file :worried:


I have the same question. How do we use local (own) settings for php.vim without modifying the plugin code?


to use local settings, PIV/ftplugin/php.vim should read:

if (!exists('php_folding'))
let php_folding = 1

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