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@jpmcb jpmcb released this 02 Mar 23:33
· 13 commits to main since this release

Welcome! 馃憢馃徏 馃悕

This is the first release of cobra-cli, the CLI bootstrapper for spf13/cobra! 馃帀 Originally, this code and the CLI tool existed directly in spf13/cobra, co-located as a single go module. But it was migrated here to enable the core cobra library to be as lite-weight and easy to consume as possible.

For further context, refer to: spf13/cobra#1597

How do I migrate? 馃ァ

It's pretty unlikely you were importing and using the bootstrapping CLI tool as part of your application (after all, it's just a tool to get going with core cobra).

But if you were, replace occurrences of




In your go.mod, you'll want to also include this dependency. We recommend getting it by v1.3.0

Different repos 馃嵈

Now that spf13/cobra and spf13/cobra-cli are separated, this means they will likely diverge in their versioning scheme. We started with a v1.3.0 because it's the same code and things from spf13/cobra's v1.3.0 tag. Or in other-words, this release merely represents the changing of repositories and the changing of names. In the future, these version numbers may drift and will not continue to be directly correlated.

Shoutout to our awesome contributors helping to make this happen!
@spf13 @marckhouzam @johnSchnake @liggitt