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@jpmcb jpmcb released this 14 Dec 19:05

v1.3.0 - The Fall 2021 release 🍁

Completion fixes & enhancements πŸ’‡πŸΌ

In v1.2.0, we introduced a new model for completions. Thanks to everyone for trying it, giving feedback, and providing numerous fixes! Continue to work with the new model as the old one (as noted in code comments) will be deprecated in a coming release.

  • DisableFlagParsing now triggers custom completions for flag names #1161
  • Fixed unbound variables in bash completions causing edge case errors #1321
  • help completion formatting improvements & fixes #1444
  • All completions now follow the help example: short desc are now capitalized and removes extra spacing from long description #1455
  • Typo fixes in bash & zsh completions #1459
  • Fixed mixed tab/spaces indentation in completion scripts. Now just 4 spaces #1473
  • Support for different bash completion options. Bash completions v2 supports descriptions and requires descriptions to be removed for menu-complete, menu-complete-backward and insert-completions. These descriptions are now purposefully removed in support of this model. #1509
  • Fix for invalid shell completions when using ~/.cobra.yaml. Log message Using config file: ~/.cobra.yaml now printed to stderr #1510
  • Removes unnecessary trailing spaces from completion command descriptions #1520
  • Option to hide default completion command #1541
  • Remove __complete command for programs without subcommands #1563

Generator changes βš™οΈ

Thanks to @spf13 for providing a number of changes to the Cobra generator tool, streamlining it for new users!

  • The Cobra generator now won't automatically include Viper and cleans up a number of unused imports when not using Viper.
  • The Cobra generator's default license is now none
  • The Cobra generator now works with Go modules
  • Documentation to reflect these changes

New Features ⭐

  • License can be specified by their SPDX identifiers #1159
  • MatchAll allows combining several PositionalArgs to work in concert. This now allows for enabling composing PositionalArgs #896

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • Fixed multiple error message from cobra init boilerplates #1463 #1552 #1557

Testing πŸ‘€

  • Now testing golang 1.16.x and 1.17.x in CI #1425
  • Fix for running diff test to ignore CR for windows #949
  • Added helper functions and reduced code reproduction in args_test #1426
  • Now using official golangci-lint github action #1477

Security πŸ”

  • Added GitHub dependabot #1427
  • Now using Viper v1.10.0
    • There is a known CVE in an indirect dependency from viper: #1538. This will be patched in a future release

Documentation πŸ“

  • Multiple projects added to the file: #1377 #1501 #1454
  • Removed ToC from main readme file as it is now automagically displayed by GitHub #1429
  • Documentation correct for when the --author flag is specified #1009
  • has an easier to use snippet for copying and pasting shell completions #1372

Other πŸ’­

  • Bump version of cpuguy83/go-md2man to v2.0.1 #1460
  • Removed lesser typo from the GPL-2.0 license #880
  • Fixed spelling errors #1514

Thank you to all our amazing contributors β­πŸπŸš€