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@jpmcb jpmcb released this 10 Mar 15:57

Winter 2022 Release ❄️

Another season, another release!

Goodbye viper! 🐍 🚀

The core Cobra library no longer requires Viper and all of its indirect dependencies. This means that Cobra's dependency tree has been drastically thinned! The Viper dependency was included because of the cobra CLI generation tool. This tool has migrated to spf13/cobra-cli.

It's pretty unlikely you were importing and using the bootstrapping CLI tool as part of your application (after all, it's just a tool to get going with core cobra).

But if you were, replace occurrences of




And in your go.mod, you'll want to also include this dependency: v1.3.0

Again, the maintainers do not anticipate this being a breaking change to users of the core cobra library, so minimal work should be required for users to integrate with this new release. Moreover, this means the dependency tree for your application using Cobra should no longer require dependencies that were inherited from Viper. Huzzah! 🥳

If you'd like to read more

Documentation 📝

  • Update Go Doc link and badge in README: #1593
  • Fix to install command, now targets @latest: #1576
  • Added MAINTAINERS file: #1545

Other 💭

  • Bumped license year to 2022 in golden files: #1575
  • Added Pixie to projects: #1581
  • Updated labeler for new labeling scheme: #1613 & syntax fix: #1624

Shoutout to our awesome contributors helping to make this cobra release possible!!
@spf13 @marckhouzam @johnSchnake @jpmcb @liggitt @umarcor @hiljusti @marians @shyim @htroisi