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docs, tpl: Fix documentation of UniqueID

See #2861
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@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ matter, content or derived from file location.
**.Truncated** A boolean, `true` if the `.Summary` is truncated. Useful for showing a "Read more..." link only if necessary. See [Summaries](/content/summaries/) for more details.<br>
**.Type** The content [type](/content/types/) (e.g. post).<br>
**.URL** The relative URL for this page. Note that if `URL` is set directly in frontmatter, that URL is returned as-is.<br>
-**.UniqueID** The MD5-checksum of the page's filename<br>
+**.UniqueID** The MD5-checksum of the content file's path<br>
**.Weight** Assigned weight (in the front matter) to this content, used in sorting.<br>
**.WordCount** The number of words in the content.<br>
@@ -32,13 +32,13 @@ type File struct {
section string // The first directory
dir string // The relative directory Path (minus file name)
ext string // Just the ext (eg txt)
- uniqueID string // MD5 of the filename
+ uniqueID string // MD5 of the file's path
translationBaseName string // `post` for `` (if `Multilingual` is enabled.)
lang string // The language code if `Multilingual` is enabled
-// UniqueID is the MD5 hash of the filename and is for most practical applications,
+// UniqueID is the MD5 hash of the file's path and is for most practical applications,
// Hugo content files being one of them, considered to be unique.
func (f *File) UniqueID() string {
return f.uniqueID

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